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1C Trade Management

"1C: Trade Management 8" automates the following economic activity areas:

The program also allows registering both completed and projected economic transactions. "1C: Trade Management 8" ensures the automation of core documents and quick execution of cash transactions in the development of trade and inventory accounting.

"1C: Trade Management 8" adapts to any type of trade operation. It covers all functions from the management of valuable accounting to the inclusion of essential documents and various analytical accounting.

In general, the solution enables managing the accounting of a trading organization. For a company with a holding structure, documents can be correctly structured under the names of several organizations within the holding.

The functionality of the solution can be customized by activating/deactivating different functional options. For instance, to simplify the program for small organizations, multiple functionalities that are necessary for large companies can be disabled (hidden in the deactivated functional interface without hindering users' tasks). Later, the solution's functional description will be provided when all functionalities are enabled.

"1C: Trade Management 8" enables the automatic selection of information required for accounting, and this information can be used in the "1C: Financial Accounting 8".

Combining the "Trade Management" program with other programs allows automating the operations of wholesale and retail organizations in a comprehensive manner. The "Trade Management" program can be used in conjunction with "1C: Retail 8".

"1C: Trade Management 8" automates the following economic activity areas: