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1C Retail

The "Retail" configuration is intended for automating the business processes of stores that can be part of a distributed network of stores, a retail sales network of a trading enterprise. It can be used to automate stores with a large number of workplaces, acting as a cash program.

The retail network's network structure is supported by the distributed infobase mode. The program supports two types of internal data exchange:

  1. The RIB for stores allows you to create reliable data exchange between stores by dividing your business flow between stores. The RIB central node consolidates information about all stores in the network and can be used to quickly create a periphery for a network of stores.

  2. The RIB for workplaces provides optimized data exchange between the store server and the cash register, ensuring the autonomy of the cash registers' operation.

The "Retail" configuration is designed for both independent, standalone operations and mutual communication with other programs. solutions. With typical configurations, two-way data exchange enables "Enterprise Accounting" and "Trade Management" to create program solutions that meet the needs of various-sized retail trading enterprises.