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Education Center

We invite everyone to enroll in our training courses on 1C programs on the 1C:Enterprise 8 platform.

Our Training Center is a Certified Training Center for 1C (CSC). The courses are conducted based on a unified methodology and guaranteed quality using the 1C program as a foundation.

Our courses are suitable for both 1C employees and those who are already using 1C but need skills in working with software solutions.

The training is conducted using 1C methodological materials, numerous practical examples, and lecture materials that combine answers to students' questions, problem-solving, and analysis of complex accounting scenarios.

The instructors of the Training Center impart their experience from our company, which is experienced in solving various complex automation tasks based on the 1C:Enterprise 8 program system.

The lessons are held in a computer-equipped classroom in our office.

Upon completing the certified course, you will receive a Completion Certificate, and after successfully passing the exam, you will also receive the 1C: PROFESSIONAL certificate, confirming your status as a certified specialist in 1C programs.

For all your registration questions related to 1C training, you can contact us via email at training@icgroup.az.

The training center is located at the following address:

43 Samad Vurgun Street, World Business Center