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Our services

Our advantages

Integration of Online Stores

Establishment of bidirectional information exchange with websites in any CMS

From 1,250 azn
Integration of Online Cash Registers with 1C

Proper integration of online cash registers ensures smooth operation and accurate tax reporting

From 50 azn per month
Integration of 1C and Bitrix24

Stay informed about payment stages without contacting the accounting department through simple integration with 1C

From 60 azn per month
Training and Certification

We invite everyone to enroll in our training courses for 1C programs on the 1C:Enterprise 8 platform

125 azn
Expert Consultation on Software Selection

Receive technical support from experts in 1C who will provide recommendations via phone and email

Installation and Implementation

  • 1) When you purchase a 1C program from us, our specialist will install and configure your 1C program.
  • 2) The configured parameters will allow you to use the program immediately according to your needs.

From 40 azn
Delivery and Installation

Delivery of purchased software products is carried out according to the contract

From 25 azn